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Middle East Cleaning Company

For big jobs, tough jobs and regular maintaince use!

Our Machines



  • Excellent Starter machine. 
  • Superior for small cleaning jobs. 
  • Counter-rotating  brushes lilt pile to reviver matted traffic lanes and dislodge soil from carpets for deep cleaning.
  • Could be upgraded to have all features of freestyle.


QAR 13534

  • Greater dry soil remover than conventional vacuums.
  • Superior removal of damp HOST sponges .
  • Detached base unit is ideal for cleaning carpet stairs.
  • Adjustable for vacuuming and cleaning under desks ,tables and work stations.



  • Vacuum lawn mower style up to 6000 squares feet per hour.
  • Lanes and dislodge soil from carpet for deep cleaning.
  • Tools onboard to reduce trips back janitors closet. 



  • Fast easy dispensing of HOST sponges.
  • Accurately controls.
  • Three “smart settings” for light, medium and heavy soil very manoeuvrable so it is ideal for commercial or residential use. 

Host Machine Brushes


  • Black/stiff- For commercial polypropylene (loop and cut pile) or nylon loop carpets. Moderate to heavy soil.
  • White- Regular-Commerical nylon loop and others  fibres,espically cut pile carpet . Light to moderate soil.
  • Gold & Soft- For residential carpets especially soft cut pile, wool and wool Berbers, Oriental and Persian carpet.   

Host Sponges


  • Unique technology that deep clean by dissolving, trapping  and absorbing dirt.
  • Advanced formula that contains a balance blend of water detergent, wetting and natural ingredients.
  • Low moisture that is controlled.
  • Safe,Nontoxic, Natural and Biodegradable Products. 
  • Available in 3 formulas: Normal, Fragrance Free & SJ (For Special Job)