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For big jobs, tough jobs and regular maintaince use!



Vacuums,Pile Lifts and Dry Cleans Carpet... With Blazing speed!

Finally! The HOST extractorVAC Liberator frees you from time-wasting trips to the janitor's closet for vacuums,spotters carpet cleaning machines and pile lifters.

This technological breakthrough redefines carpet care.Until now, there's never been one machine that could perform all these different jobs quickly and effectively at the touch of bottom! 

Here's what the Liberator does for you: 

  • Power vacuums ''lawn mower'' style to cover long hallways and lobbies in a flash.Offers high speed productivity and superior effectiveness.
  • Pile lifts as you vacuum  without an extra labor-intensive step.
  • Maintains and restore at the flick of a switch-the ideal machine.
  • Removes spots...and they won't come back! 
  • Detail cleans with onboard crevice tool.  Improves IAQ! Removes allergens and dust via 4-stage filtration, with optional HEPA-type Filter.

Special Features

  • Self-propelled,gliding action.So easy,anyone can use it.
  • Work Center Caddy holds optional accessory packs.
  • Caddy with drive-up rump allows easy transportation and storage.
  • Convenient twist-off cord release.

How to use the HOST Liberator ExtractorVAC